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River Cats Baseball – Things Are Heating Up


The Sacramento River Cats are on a four game winning streak and today’s game was filled with some great at bats, good pitching and good fielding. The fans were treated to a couple of nice home runs which helped lead to a nice victory for today’s game. For less than the price of a movie you can treat your whole family to a full day of fun and great memories. Come to Raley Field for the next home game which is Friday May 3rd at 7:05 pm. For a full schedule of games click here – Sacramento River Cats Schedule 2013 season or visit the River Cats Website for more information. Here are some photos of today’s game – enjoy!

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The Housing Revolution


I was speaking to one of my past clients this week who asked me if could help her friend find a home. This particular buyer was initially looking in an area in a different county and I chose to refer that buyer to another Realtor who could better service them. I had initially found about 5 properties that met the basic criteria that were important to this buyer and I shared that with the agent I referred them to. The agent called me back in about 30 minutes and told me that all five of those properties were either in contract (pending) or they had 5+ offers on them already. To my Real Estate colleagues this scenario is no big surprise as we have been dealing with this shortage of available housing in some areas for over 6 months.

This shortage of available homes is a real issue and it is very good news for existing homeowners who are seeing the value of their homes increase rapidly. The driving factors are an abundance of qualified buyers eager to capitalize on upward trending home values, low interest rates, and a lack of new home construction. I have agent friends in the East Bay Area who tell me that buyers are offering $40,000 to $50,000 over the list price on their properties. Some people may think that this seems insane but the reality is even with the over bidding that is taking place we are still well under the peak (especially if you factor in inflation) of the Real Estate market of 2005.

Most Real Estate professionals will tell you that from the peak of the Real Estate market to its lowest point we witnessed a loss of home values somewhere between 50-60% in most areas of California. This caused an abundance of housing inventory which brought on one of the largest and longest blow out sales on homes that I think any of us has ever seen. In the words of Daniel Jacuzzi, President of Select Group Real Estate Services, “that sale is now over”! In the past 6-9 months we have regained a portion of that loss which has allowed some homeowners who have been in a negative equity position to sell their home and move up or even downsize because of the increase in home values. The increase in home values has also allowed others to refinance and even leverage themselves to buy investment and or vacation properties. The current assessment by the most conservative forecasters tell us that until we surpass the home value peak that was achieved in 2005 there is little fear of a down turn in home values. In my opinion we may surpass those peak values because new housing construction is a little slow in getting going which means demand will continue to outpace supply until new housing constructions gains more traction.

The conversation that I had with the past client that I referred to at the beginning of this article continued with this question; “so are we back to that same market of 2005”? I think there are a few things that are different. The interest rates are lower than they were in 2005, financing requirements are tighter especially when trying to obtain a favorable interest rate, appraisal regulations are tougher, and the lessons learned from such a dramatic loss of capital seems to be keeping things from getting out of control. This doesn’t mean that we won’t repeat some of the mistakes made that led to the Real Estate down turn, but what remains true is that housing has rebounded and the blow out sale is over!

What really excites me and the reason I titled this article “The Housing Revolution” is what a robust Real Estate market means to our overall economy. The Real Estate market is going to be the engine that will drive our U.S. economy and it will create and bring back jobs to a strong and intelligent work force. Even the Industrial Revolution had several starts and stops but once it took off, the sustained growth was phenomenal. Our history as Americans tell us that when we have an abundance of jobs, the cycle of increased opportunity perpetuates and sustains itself, which when fueled by American ingenuity and creativity, we always exceed our previous achievements.

I think we could all do ourselves a great big favor and spread the word that housing is back, prices are up, and the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train! I would like to think that we are not experiencing a housing bubble but actually a housing revolution!

Written by Mike Southwick

Use by permission only

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May Calendar of Events

Spring Has Sprung – May Calendar of Events Full Schedule


May Calendar of Events

It looks like the flood gates of sunshine have opened upon us Northern Californians and with that sunshine comes an abundance of May events for you to choose from. We have done the research for you and all you have to do is click on this link May Calendar of Events and you will be taken to the full schedule that we have created for you. Kicking off the month of May is the play Peter Pan which will show at the Woodland Theater from April 19-May 12. There are also a number of plays, events, concerts, bike races, running races, along with a host of fairs and festivals throughout the month of May. Take a look at the attached schedule May Calendar of Events and click on the links (pictures) for full details and the web site associated with each event. There are enough local events going on throughout Placer County, Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Amador County, Yolo County, and Solano County to fill your whole calendar for the month of May. So get out your calendars and have some fun!


May Festivals


Click Here For May Festivals – 2013

During the summer months you may want to take in one of these local festivals. We have listed several of them throughout the State of California and they feature the heart and soul of the culture that makes each community they represent very distinct and unique. We often forget this when we only think in global or large scale terms. I would encourage you to take the time and visit some of these festivals listed here and check back, follow this page or book mark this web site as we plan to try and post these on a monthly basis. For a printable version click here – May Festivals – 2013

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Festival Time – Featuring local American Culture


Here is another taste of good old fashioned American Spirit where local towns feature the heart and soul of the culture that makes them a vibrant community. We often forget this when we only think in global or large scale terms. I would encourage you to take the time and visit some of these festivals listed here and check back, follow this page or book mark this web site as we plan to try and post these on a monthly basis. For a printable version click here – Festivals Schedule – April 2013


County Fairs – An American Tradition

County Fairs – As Good as Mom’s Apple Pie


I have spoken to a number of people who find that vacation costs have increased dramatically and many people are choosing to do things closer to home. This particular posting shows some of the upcoming County Fairs for the month of May in various Counties throughout California in case you want to take in one or two of these. The County Fair is one of those timeless events that do not seem to lose its old fashioned charm and we usually take in two or three of these a year. Be sure to follow us or bookmark this page as we will post County Fairs for the remaining months of the summer in future blog posts. For a printable version please click here – California County Fairs 2013


San Francisco Giants Baseball

Baseball is in Full Swing


Baseball is America’s favorite past time and I don’t want to appear bias in any way so for those of you who are San Francisco Giants fans here is their home schedule for April and May. To download a full printable schedule of their home games click here – SF Giants 2013 schedule. To find out more information regarding tickets and all other information visit the San Francisco Giants Web Site.